Tasha Cobbs – Confidence (Live)

Tasha Cobbs’ Empowering Anthem: “Confidence”

In 2013, the gospel music scene witnessed the emergence of a powerful and uplifting anthem that would go on to inspire listeners worldwide. Tasha Cobbs, a talented artist hailing from Georgia, delivered the soul-stirring track titled “Confidence,” a testament to her vocal prowess and heartfelt lyricism. Released in the year 2013, this song quickly became a beacon of strength for those navigating life’s challenges, encapsulating the essence of faith and self-assurance.

Tasha Cobbs, known for her dynamic and emotive performances, seamlessly blends her gospel roots with contemporary sounds in “Confidence.” The song’s message revolves around the unwavering trust in God’s plan and the transformative power of faith. With Cobbs’ distinctive voice leading the charge, the listener is taken on a journey of empowerment, reminding them that confidence is not rooted in worldly circumstances but in the steadfast belief in a higher purpose.

While “Confidence” is undoubtedly a solo masterpiece, it’s worth noting that Tasha Cobbs has collaborated with various artists throughout her career. Her ability to fuse genres and work alongside other talented musicians has contributed to her widespread acclaim in the gospel music community. As we revisit this uplifting anthem released in 2013, we are reminded of the enduring impact Tasha Cobbs continues to make with her music, offering solace and strength to those in need.

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Video: Tasha Cobbs – Confidence (Live)

Lyrics: Tasha Cobbs – Confidence (Live)

I got so much faith in, Lord I trust your word it’s true
No matter the circumstance, my life is in your hands
I’ve got confidence, so much confidence, in you
Your love has been so good to me, it’s so unfailing
My heart is in your hands, you hold the master plan
I’ve got confidence, so much confidence in you
I’ve got confidence, so much confidence in you
Your Ways are
Higher, Deeper,
How you do what you do, but you do what you do
I’ve got confidence, so much confidence in you

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