Kirk Franklin – Pray For Me

A brilliant American gospel singer and multiple award-winning artist known as, Kirk Franklin delivers this song called, Pray For Me.

We are happy to unlock this song to you dubbed, Pray For Me, written, and recorded by American gospel music maker, songwriter, and performer known as Kirk Franklin. It was his project, Losing My Religion, that gave birth to this excellent tune we have here.

Born on January 26, 1970, in Fort Worth, Texas, Kirk Franklin’s journey to musical stardom began at a young age. Raised by his aunt, Franklin found solace and inspiration in the church, where he honed his musical talents and discovered his passion for gospel music. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, including a turbulent childhood marked by abandonment and abuse, Franklin persevered, using music as a means of healing and self-expression.
Kirk Franklin specially recorded this song for fans’ listening pleasure. Pray For Me is a great and awesome piece of music, you will want to add to your playlist and play endlessly. Give a listening ear to the record and share your thoughts with us below.

However, Losing My Religion album by Kirk Franklin houses fourteen beautiful euphonies, written and well-formulated by Kirk Franklin, to keep his fans excited. All records presented in the album are so on point, that one can’t get tired of listening to them.


Video: Kirk Franklin – Pray For Me

Lyrics: Kirk Franklin – Pray For Me

Pray for me, I’m afraid that I’m about to lose it all
Pray for me, I don’t need gravity for tears to fall
You can keep your fancy words and your coloured lies
Nothing super-spiritual not this time, just pray for me
Cause judging me is not helping me to grow
Pray for me, see the wrong I’ve done I already know
Will you love me if I’m dirty and I’ve lost my way
Till the blood is washed me white and I’m no longer grey
If I don’t need your approval will you let me stay, and pray for me

Pray for me [x3]
Pray for me
Please pray for me
Let’s pray!

Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it in heaven
Give us our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who have trespassed against us
Lord lead us not into temptation but deliver us
From evil for thine is thy kingdom, power and the glory forever
We are asking (We are asking you to)

Pray for me!
(Listen close, you can hear the world crying)
Pray for me!
(They are saying don’t talk about me, don’t judge me just get down on your knees and)
Pray for me!
(We wanna be greater, we wanna be stronger but help us please)
Pray for me!
(The only way I can make it through the day)

Pray for me
I’m afraid that I’m about to lose it all

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