Divine Johnson Suleman – Raise A Sound

Divine Johnson Suleman’s latest single, “Raise A Sound,” is a soul-stirring gospel anthem that ignites a spirit of praise and worship. As a revered gospel artist and minister, Suleman brings her passion for music and ministry to the forefront with this powerful track. “Raise A Sound” serves as a call to believers to lift their voices in adoration and gratitude to God, regardless of their circumstances. The song’s dynamic melody and uplifting lyrics create an atmosphere of joy and celebration, inspiring listeners to join in a chorus of praise.

Musically, “Raise A Sound” is a seamless blend of contemporary gospel and traditional worship, showcasing Divine Johnson Suleman’s versatility and depth as an artist. The song’s infectious rhythm and spirited vocals evoke a sense of exuberance and reverence, inviting listeners to experience a deeper connection with God. As “Raise A Sound” resonates within the hearts of believers, it stands as a testament to Suleman’s commitment to spreading the message of hope and faith through her music. This track not only uplifts the spirit but also encourages believers to express their love for God with boldness and authenticity.

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