Apostle Christian Nwoke – Armour of God Part 1

Apostle Christian Nwoke of God’s Army Global embarks on a profound exploration of the Armor of God, as delineated in Ephesians 6:10-18. With meticulous care and insightful wisdom, he unpacks the significance of each piece of spiritual armor, equipping believers for the spiritual battles they face in their daily lives. Through his teachings, Apostle Nwoke illuminates the importance of donning the full armor of God, emphasizing that it is not merely a metaphorical concept but a practical necessity for every believer engaged in the warfare of faith.

As Apostle Nwoke delves into the first part of this spiritual arsenal, he lays the foundation for a life of victorious spiritual warfare. With clarity and conviction, he reveals the vital importance of girding oneself with the belt of truth, emphasizing the need for unwavering commitment to God’s Word as the bedrock of our spiritual defense. Furthermore, he underscores the significance of righteousness as the breastplate that guards our hearts and minds, urging believers to walk in integrity and holiness. Through his teachings, Apostle Nwoke empowers his congregation to stand firm against the schemes of the enemy, clad in the invincible Armor of God, ready to overcome every obstacle and emerge victorious in the battles of life.

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