Apostle Christian Nwoke – Altars And Covenants

In the spiritual tapestry of our journey with God, Apostle Christian Nwoke of God’s Army Global unveils the profound connection between altars and covenants. Through his teachings, he illuminates how altars serve as sacred markers of divine encounters and covenant relationships throughout Scripture. From Abraham’s altar of sacrifice to Elijah’s showdown on Mount Carmel, Apostle Nwoke illustrates how these altars symbolize the commitments made between God and His people, shaping the trajectory of their destinies.

Apostle Nwoke urges believers to recognize the significance of altars in forging and renewing covenants with God in their personal lives. By consecrating our hearts and dedicating ourselves afresh upon the altar of worship and prayer, we enter into deeper communion with the Almighty, solidifying our covenant relationship with Him. Through this profound understanding, Apostle Nwoke inspires his congregation to build altars of devotion and commitment in their homes, workplaces, and communities, knowing that therein lies the foundation for divine blessings, protection, and breakthroughs.

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